Your competency matters to your employers.

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Human resources as a management function has come a long way and it has taken some definite shape to contour the entire job market in today’s talent driven terrestrial. Having being an essential function for tackling the manpower issues in the organizations to being the industry relations tool like dealing with labourers’ issues, HR has evolved in to a bigger and better meaning.

Just managing the payrolls is not the only aspect that the wide array of functions of HR includes. Today it’s rather refining the whole system in the management that has become the key role of HR department. It is a new kind of people management all together and hence demand for highly talented people has gone sky high. Best of the companies are devising several striking measures to attract the best talent and retain them for a longer period. But the challenge here is how to identify the right talent, train them further and retain them.

It is here that aspiring job seekers will have to understand the seriousness of a hiring company. Modern companies are looking closely in to the talent quotient of the candidates and therefore these companies are formulating various methods to test the competencies of the candidates. It’s no more just the credential and the blind faith in the experience of the candidate that can help you get a job or remain in the job for a long time, but it’s about your competencies.

Now what is competency?

Your knowledge, skills, personal characteristics, behaviors, decision making, adaptability, teamwork, leadership, customer orientation, innovation etc. will as a matter of fact be considered as your most significant traits or competencies. Companies will use the competency mapping formula either during the candidate’s selection process or the appraisal period of the existing employees to assess the competency levels.

Why competency is important?

With increasing consumerism and technological advancements companies have a major challenge and that is to live up to the consumer’s expectations. And therefore it’s very important to have the best pool of talent which can help organization achieve its ultimate vision. Organizational goal can be meted only if the employees in the organization are competent enough. Competency mapping models are adopted by the organizations to integrate HR strategy with the business strategy.

Companies like Google and Apple have adopted a techno functional device called People’s analytics to help organization make accurate people management decision. Through this function the company keeps a large database which records the various critical incidences that are relevant in decision making. Competency tests and mapping records are stored, various exercises and training records too are maintained as a huge database which acts as a referral tool. Another tool called the balance scorecard is also aggressively used by the companies as a performance measurement framework. This method too scrutinizes the competency levels of the candidates very closely through its formula.

With these intense managerial strategies one can say that the world is competitive out there and hence prove your competency metal.



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