Why does a good resume matter to grab a good job?

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A decently written resume is definitely like an entry ticket to your dream job. The fact that countries are constantly battling with the challenge of real talent in terms of manpower, the only way to grab attention of your prospective employer is an attractive resume. Now reasonably good resume just cannot be the way you think about it. It definitely has some traits and pattern, though not a formula. What may matter to one employer may not matter to another but a customized outline can definitely draw their attention towards your creative piece.

Yes your resume surely is your creative slice. It is a device that can speak volumes about your persona and give employer a clear idea as to who they are going to deal with at least in the interview. Since the companies are skimming through variety of CV’s very swiftly the challenge of you being noticed is bigger. Therefore to begin with, it is all about the first impression. So let’s look at few do’s and don’ts of this entire business of a good resume writing.

Your resume is like a great painting with an equally good frame. Which would mean the look of your resume and the content both matters.

  1. A good choice of fonts, its size, style, spacing, columns, tables, bullet points, subtle colors must definitely be taken care of while designing your resume. Never a resume be a copied version from internet or any other readily available format. As said earlier it must be your exclusive piece of creativeness. It must have your special signature format that can make you stand out of the lot.
  2. For example if you make your resume like a brochure then it’s a good idea, but just make sure that it does not have cluttered content and too jazzy a look.
  3. Similarly one more interesting way could be that you use the keywords as highlights in the beginning that matches well with the requirement of the job. Just like you type the keywords in google to make your search, your highlighted content too will immediately sink in for the HR personnel to pick your copy.
  4. Apart from packaging your resume, the next most important thing is the Content. Clarity and brevity are two most important aspects when it comes to the content of your resume. Ideally one page and maximum two pages makes a good resume. Choice of precise words and subtly highlighted content will be a win-win situation.
  5. Too much information is unnecessary hence keywords can be used to draw the attention instead of quoting a whole incident as to how you won a best manager award. Details like objectives and hobbies too have gone outdated unless it matches directly with the requirement of the job. For example if you are applying for an advertising agency as a content writer and your hobby is doodling then you may mention it because somewhere it matches the creative department’s requirements in an ad agency.



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