What is a Resume?

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A resume is the personal value summation of an individual in written format. It represents what value you can provide in terms of professional expertise. It sums up your formal qualifications, experience and personal attributes into a compact, easy-to-read, document so that your potential value to the company to which you have applied can be estimated.

The resume is written typically after someone passes out of high-school or college and begins to apply themselves into the world professionally, be this in business or as an employee of a company. Either way; a resume typically contains the same details:

  1. Personal Details – Name, Date of birth, Residential address, Phone number, Social media links
  2. Personal Summary/Career Objective – A short write up on who you see yourself as and what you want to achieve with yourself
  3. Strengths – What characteristics define you as a strong and reliable resource
  4. Skills – What skills do you possess? These also fall into categories such as soft skills and technical skills. Most prefer to differentiate between them in this section.
  5. Work history – A list of professional roles and responsibilities you’ve held in the course of your life. What did you do, when, where, why and what was your take away skill wise are all a part of your work history. This is also typically in reverse chronological order.
  6. Professional Achievements – All the things you’ve done in your college and work life. What made you special and what made you stand out.
  7. Educational Qualifications – What schools and colleges did you go to and what subjects did you study? What was your educational qualification at that point?
  8. Additional Training and Courses – Did your education stop at school or college or are you keeping up with the times by updating your skills? List trainings, workshops and courses you’ve put yourself through to improve personally.

By now you get the gist of what a resume means and implies. It’s a tool to communicate what value you bring to the table to a potential business associate or your prospective employer, when applying for a job.

There are 4 types of resumes, all used for different reasons by different kinds of people:

  1. The Chronological Resume – This resume is used by those who have a steadfast unbroken history in a set career direction. It says everything you’ve done since your professional career started starting from your most recent job to the first.
  2. The Functional Resume – A functional resume is one that emphasizes skills and experiences, but usually does not place value in dates and timeliness. It’s usually used by fresh graduates or people who are making career transitions.
  3. Combination Resume – A combination resume is a combination (duh!) of chronological and functional resumes. It is also the most often used style of resumes. It details both skills and chronological experience and is provided when someone needs more comprehensive knowledge of you.
  4. Targeted Resume – A targeted resume is one that is designed to target a specific type of employer. Everything from your objectives to work history is tailored to match the job requirement. But don’t fake anything!

We had a lot of fun writing this article for you and hope you found it informative and helpful. Wherever you are in life, good luck for the future!



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