Top 4 employers for petroleum engineering jobs.

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Let’s start with understanding what petroleum is ? It is a liquid mixture of hydrocarbons which is present in appropriate rock stratum and the end produce of which can be petrol, kerosene, asphalts, bitumen, paraffin, and diesel oil after extraction.

What role does a chemical engineer play in petroleum technology? What skills you need? What petroleum engineering jobs can you grab, who top the list of top employers in Petroleum Engineering Jobs?

Everything is going to be explained in this article Top 4 employers for petroleum engineering jobs.

History of petroleum engineering
Herodotus; a Greek historian, and a contemporary of Socrates oil pits near Babylon in 450BC. Chinese drilled holes in ground using bamboo to extract oil in 347AD. Abraham Gesner is the inventor known for developing a process to distill kerosene from crude oil in 1849. De Rochas of France patented the four stroke engine in 1862. After this the world’s first combustion engine was invented in 1895. A brilliant mind introduced his first motor car in 1896, that mind belonged to Henry Ford, the founder of Ford motors. As more and more cars were being designed, the more and more engines were invented too.

In the past few years, the jobs for petroleum refineries sky rocketed and the need for good engineer who are versed in petroleum engineering & technology boosted too.

What do petroleum engineers do?
Like I said, petroleum has many oil fractions. Each fraction has a different type of hydrocarbon. Some hydrocarbons are long chained aliphatic compounds, whereas others may be shorter.

If the fraction has a large no of hydrocarbons, then the fraction is more viscous and will not combust properly. The petroleum fraction will have many impurities which are organic as well as inorganic. The fuel should not burn untimely, as it may cause knocking in the engines, which may damage the engine and reduce the fuel efficiency.

The basic application of petroleum is fuel, so it has to almost perfect. It should be void of any type of impurities, it should burn properly, it should not cause any sort of knocking in the engines, and it should provide maximum efficiency to the engine.

In a nutshell, a petroleum engineer

  • Eradicates the impurities using methods like sulfur wash, centrifugal methods, gravity settling methods etc.
  • Separates different fractions of the petroleum oil using fractional distillation
  • Break the larger hydrocarbons into smaller using methods like catalytic cracking and thermal cracking.
  • Knows about different catalysts that can be used, which has more no of active centers and more surface area
  • Employing delayed coking
  • Knowing innovative and better alternatives for petroleum oil

 Jobs Available in the field of petroleum technology
There are various services to choose from as laid down below

  • Geophysics and geology
  • Field and Oil Services
  • Petroleum engineering
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Positions for contract
  • Commercial, Sales, and Marketing
  • Downstream processing
  • Facilities and Surface Engineering

The top Petroleum Engineering employers

Indian Oil Corporation Limited:

It is an Indian state-owned oil and gas corporation which has its headquarters situated in New Delhi, India. It is the world’s 119th largest conglomerate, is what the Fortune Global 500 list reflects, and the largest public conglomerate in India when ranked by revenue.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited:

Headquartered in Mumbai HPCL is an Indian based oil and natural gas company. HPCL stands in the 260th position for Fortune Global 500 rankings of the world’s biggest corporations (2013), and 4th amidst the India’s Companies in 2012. The Government of India owns 51.11% shares in HPCL and the rest of the distribution happens in the public, investors and financial institutes.

Exxon Mobil Corp. (ExxonMobil):

It is a multi-national gas and oil corporation which has its headquarters in Irving, Texas. It is the leading direct progeny of John D. Rockefeller’s Standard Oil Company, and was created on November 30, 1999 by the fusion of Exxon and Mobil.

The world’s 8th largest company by income, ExxonMobil is also the third largest publicly traded company by advertise capitalization. The corporation was ranked No. 6 globally in Forbes Global 2000 list in 2014. ExxonMobil was the second most money-spinning company in the Fortune 500 in 2014.

Shell Oil Company:

It is the United States-based subsidiary of Royal Dutch Shell, multi-national oil major of Anglo-Dutch genesis, which is amid the prime oil companies in the world. A whooping number of 22,000 shell employees work from the United States. Shell is headquartered at Houston, Texas. Shell retains the proud credit of being one of America’s largest oil and natural gas producers, petro-chemical manufacturers, gas marketers, and natural gas marketers.

Wishing you get the best oil jobs.



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