Top 3 entry level jobs after Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights

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The technology industry has seen a rapid growth in the past couple of decades and a created an excellent inter- industry competition. With companies taking birth every single day intellectual property law becomes a very important aspect to be considered to secure your innovation. This article will help you know about the Job opportunities after Post graduate Diploma in Intellectual property rights.

What are the basic requirements to be an intellectual property professional?

Intellectual property law is mostly a techno- legal job. The bare minimum qualification any IP firm expects is a under- graduate degree in technical stream and a specialized diploma or a certification course in Intellectual Property law. The blend of a technical graduation and an IP course is what will help you be a perfect IP professional and grab the best IP jobs.

Which Institutions offer PGDIPR IN India?

  • Amity Law School (ALS)
  • Shri Vile Parle Kelavani Mandal’s Institute of Intellectual Property Studies
  • Bioinformatics Institute of India
  • Hyderabad University, Hyderabad
  • National Law School of India University, Bangalore, Centre for Intellectual Property Rights, Research and Advocacy
  • Rajiv Gandhi School of Intellectual Property Law, IIT Kharagpur
  • NALSAR University of Law
  • GNA Patent Gurukul
  • SRISTI, Society for Research and Initiatives for Sustainable Technologies and Institution
  • Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
  • Vpm’s Advanced Study Centre
  • National Distance Learning Resource Centre for IPR, IGNOU
  • Asian School of Cyber Laws
  • The Academy of Intellectual Property Studies (AIPS)

These institutes mostly offer Post graduate Diploma in Intellectual property rights except for a few offering certification courses. For a fresh graduate it is always recommendable to opt for a PGDIPR over any certification course.

What career options are open to you after PGDIPR?

It stands very essential to gain a proper experience from an experienced intellectual property attorney as a fresher. You might not grab great patent jobs with a great package soon after your diploma, but an excellent experience opens multiple avenues to build your career. The career options you can opt for soon after PGDIPR are:

Patent Engineer: Patent engineer is something you should opt for as it opens the door of opportunities to learn most of the technical aspects of drafting and filing patents which is a tricky job to do for any patent professional as it involves a lot of understanding of the innovations you would work on patenting, also you will get a wide exposure on learning how to do the patent searches and finding out the novelty of the innovation.

Patent Analyst: An analyst’s role is an integral part of any business, so is it for any IP firm. Choosing to work as a Patent Analyst helps you enhance your skills on how an Intellectual Property is to be presented. Presentation tops the list of priorities for filing any IP followed by the strength of the innovation. As a patent analyst you also get to work on the analysis tools which also add on to your profile to take up a better job and be a better IP professional.

Patent Administrator: Documentation is the most important factor to any legal firm opting to kick start your career as a Patent Administrator gives you an exposure to Para- legal and certain aspects of how you draft an IP.

In this article I have focused on the entry career level jobs in Intellectual Property Law. In the next article I will focus on how you can grab better patent jobs with the profile you build as a fresher.




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