Things to look out for first interview

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While you search for a job, you spend a lot of time surfing for the right opportunity. This isn’t an easy task because of the constraints associated with it. Clearing the interview itself is the most difficult challenge. The interviewer is looking for those people who fit best into their scheme of things like the job skill, how flexible the candidate is, his way of working etc. There are an innumerable set of things he looks for apart from this.

In this article, we will throw some light on those diverse set of things that can get you the job you are looking for with your dream company.

  1. A book can be the book which can be judged by the cover: When you enter the room for an interview, the first thing that is noticed by the panel is how you have dressed up. Spend some time on researching about the dress code the company follows. Avoid clothes which make you look like a party lover. Also, wearing a wristwatch adds something good along with pen and polished shoes.
  2. Do not exaggerate in your resume: Resume has to be a brief introduction to you and the things you know in terms of the skills required. Many people write too much about particular skills while leaving everything else. You can write briefly about every skill you learnt and of course, if the interviewer is interested, you will be asking more of  Making a resume 10 page long isn’t going to impress the interviewer for sure.
  3. Your confidence is your success: Your confidence is what you are. Fumbling in between what you speak shows that you are not confident of the answer. Whatever you speak, you should be clearly audible. The interview is just a medium to know the candidate in few minutes. Also, make sure that you see eye to eye with the interviewer and hand eye coordination should be appropriate.
  4. Show the interviewer your willingness to learn: Learning never stops in life no matter what position you are at. Show the interview panel you are not afraid of learning new things irrespective of time you have to spend extra in office.
  5. Read about the company a set of pre-defined questions: Before going for an interview, make sure that you know about the company’s history and in which domain company deals into. Also, there are few questions that are too obvious and there are high chances of those questions being asked.



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