What is a Job Interview?

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A job interview is a conversation to discuss between a job seeker and a prospective employer to determine if said candidate is a suitable employee to the employer’s organization. There are plenty of things that go into job interviews and jobs in general; however the interview has been a timeless tool with which people have […]


What is a Resume?

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A resume is the personal value summation of an individual in written format. It represents what value you can provide in terms of professional expertise. It sums up your formal qualifications, experience and personal attributes into a compact, easy-to-read, document so that your potential value to the company to which you have applied can be […]


Writing a One Page Resume.

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In an increasingly competitive world, it becomes more and more difficult to find your place in society, be it in an organization or a specific role in mind. Hundreds now compete for jobs that previously no one was willing to think about and more and more jobs are seeing less salaries being given as compensation […]


Top 3 entry level jobs after Post Graduate Diploma in Intellectual Property Rights

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The technology industry has seen a rapid growth in the past couple of decades and a created an excellent inter- industry competition. With companies taking birth every single day intellectual property law becomes a very important aspect to be considered to secure your innovation. This article will help you know about the Job opportunities after […]