How to strike a balance between home and office

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People who are successful in life have one thing in common, which is why they have been able to balance the life between office and home. They do not let the worries and deadlines of office come to their home. They know that their family is as important as their work. If you are bringing your office work to your home, don’t forget that you are also bringing worries, tensions and fight to your home as well.

I talked with few of my seniors and asked them how they managed the things in spite of having so many deadlines and a family to care for and they told me below.

  1. Question yourself: An individual needs to question themselves why they aren’t able to complete the work in the office time and why are they taking their work to home. You already spend 9-10 hours every day in office and not able to complete that work really questions your planning and execution.
  2. Plan and execute: If you have a lot of work to complete then why not make a plan and stick to it. Really! Just making plans won’t help. If you plan out for things, you will be able to complete the work before time and can give that time to your family.
  3. Do not spend extra hours in office: Make it a habit. Spending extra hours in office will not make your life better but sharing happiness stories with your family will.
  4. Make holiday plans with your family on weekends: Instead of attending office on weekends, ask your family what destinations they would like to go to. Take their opinion which makes them feel that you really care.
  5. Don’t be afraid to say No: Saying “NO” is itself an art which many people need to learn. If you are asked to stay time in the office, you should simply refuse.


These small things can make a huge impact in your life. Remember, When we talk about balancing life between office and home,  it’s never about adding more, but always about adding more life.



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