Signs that shows your boss holding your growth back

Signs that shows your boss holding your growth back.

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When I started working for a Multinational Company, I was pretty much excited as I thought I will be one of the few people who will have hands on the latest technologies. Till that time, I only heard the names of few tools and few platforms on which I will be working upon in my career.

I was pretty happy with the kind of work I was given. The people in my project also seem good as I never had to chase them for any kind of help. The time was passing by and I was given the same work every day. I enjoyed the things in the beginning since I found it to be interesting. I would finish off that work and eventually go home early as became an expert in the kind of work given. I would also do some of the work for my manager as it took off some load from his shoulders as well. Few times, I asked my manager if I could learn new things. But instead, I was given salary hike quite often with a level of promotion as well. After 2 years of experience, I started getting calls from other companies for organization change. I went and while giving interview, I realized that I was not even 10% of what that employer was looking for. To say the least, I didn’t even qualify for the kind of knowledge that they expected from a candidate.

When I tried to debug the things, I found few obvious reasons that hampered me from learning new things and as a result, I had to continue with the same organization. Most of them had a connection with my boss with a bit of fault of mine as well.

I found few reasons and would like to share those with you.

  • My boss wanted a person who was flexible enough to stretch when needed. I was one of the associate who left very last in the office on few occasions. My manager saw this and always wanted me to remain with the organization. I was also happy since I was given salary hikes at regular intervals. This never encouraged me to do something to make some progress in my career. Instead, they want to force you to do specific things whatever they want, when they want you to do it.
  • My manager never made me visible in my work. He always wanted me to spend some time on technical aspect and few hours on the management work that he had to complete. As a result, I could never take my knowledge to another level.
  • I was never offered a different role for years. I was never given roles which could give me sense of responsibility. As a result, I never grew up in profession even after few years of experienced.




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