Reasons why you are not getting promoted

Reasons why you are not getting promoted

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When you have been doing fairly well in your profession, you expect your company to promote you to a higher position. If you don’t get promotion on time, you lose your confidence and also self-respect in your own eyes. There might be several reasons behind it. We will list out few of them in this article.

  1. You never let your boss know that you are working: Whenever you work, let people know about it. It is important to make people know your contribution towards the work. Your manager might have many people working under him and he may not be able to get in touch with each one of the reportees. Your boss might not even know that you are looking for promotion. Talk to him on regular basis and let him know your aspirations.
  2. You lack some key skills: Many people think that it is the work that matters the most. No, there are few other aspects such as your communication skills and your attire with which you are letting your manager down. You might be very good in your profession, but lack of communication skills can degrade your chances of getting promoted.
  3. You lack managerial skills: This is one key reason why many people lag in getting promoted on time. Your skills are tested when you have too much work which is to be completed in less time. The qualities of work at that time will definitely one of the criteria that your manager might use to evaluate your performance.
  4. You are rude: Whenever you are into a conversation with a co-worker, you should be calm and composed and do not panic under any circumstances. If you have rude behaviour, your manager would count it as unprofessional behaviour and might become hesitant in promoting you.
  5. Lack of innovative ways of doing work: You can always improve the way you work in professional life by finding innovative ways of doing work. If you have not been doing so, this can be one reason you are lagging in your promotion.
  6. You are not confident in your work: Half of the battle is lost if you don’t possess much needed confidence at work. Your manager might look at this trait seriously and he might not offer you higher position.



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