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It is always a good practice to start saving from your first pay check itself. Well, reasons for that are pretty simple.

  1. Money helps you in pursuing your dreams. When you feel that things aren’t working the way they should and your gut feeling says to do something else, you will have something in your pocket to look for something which excites and which has growth.
  2. Money can buy happiness: Yes, believe me, it can. If you have money in hand, you can do many things which make you happy. Going to shopping, movies, outing etc. are few of the things which can convert a dull mood into happiness.

Now, when you know the importance of money and why to save it, why don’t we tell you the ways in which you can save some money for the difficult time?

  • Planning for your savings: When you plan out the things, either you fail or you learn. Saving in early days is a big plus since it will make you learn things which you will remember for a lifetime. You can plan in advance for things like marriage, a Europe trip or for studying abroad.
  • Do not buy everything: Have a control on your spending. While you come across the newest gadgets and stylish outfits, you may lose your sense for a second and start buying them. You need to control your feelings. Instead, look to buy out those things during the discount season.
  • Investments: Well, you might have heard that money can make money multiply. On one hand, you have safe investment options such as recurring deposits, Provident funds which give fewer returns but are safe. On the other hand, you have mutual funds which are risky but give you double the returns. You need to see which the best option for you is.
  • Buying insurance policy: Buy a life insurance plan. The earlier you buy it, the more beneficial it is for you. Apart from giving tax benefits, it also takes care of health issues.




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