Mistakes to avoid while you hunting for a job

Mistakes to avoid while you hunting for a job

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When you are hunting for a job, even a small mistake can knock you out from job contention. You have to be really cautious while carrying out any step. You need to be mindful of what you write, what you say in front of the interviewer and how you express yourself to the questions asked. If you get these things right, you might have a job in your hand while if you do mistakes and don’t learn from them can pose a big threat to your career.

Learning is the only option that you may think of. We will list out some mistakes that you can avoid so as to get a job in hand as soon as possible.

  1. Speaking badly about your previous employer: When you speak badly about your previous employer, you may be seen as someone who is difficult to handle. Instead, if you focus on what are the things that you learnt in the previous job and the duties you performed; it can leave a good impression on the interviewer.
  2. Writing skills in the resume which you don’t possess: Many people want to impress the interviewer at the first moment itself so they write some skills which they aren’t good at. Doing so might end up your chances completely since you might be asked questions about those skills which are alien to you.
  3. Dressing inappropriately: When you know that you have to appear for an interview and not for a party, you should dress up appropriately. Wearing formal attire is the safest option for an interview.
  4. Read out your resume again and again: Since you are searching job for the first time, you might make few mistakes in your resume. It is important to rectify those typos as soon as possible. Ask someone who is experienced to proofread your resume.
  5. Research about the organization for which you are being interviewed: You might be good at the skills which are required for the job. But sometimes that might not be enough. Read about the company beforehand and know about the values and culture that company provides.
  6. Select a job which is as per your qualification: Job portals these days posts recommendations in your profile with many of them completely irrelevant against your qualification. Many a times, you might not even see what are the skills required and you go for the interview. You later on realize that you have just wasted time and also an opportunity somewhere else.



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