Microsoft Skype New Updates

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How many times have you seen people asking you to connect on Skype?

Everyone loves freebies in any form; Skype has made a name for themselves for free interaction with your friends and family. With the advent of newer version of windows, and other operating systems like android, iOS, Skype updates have always been exciting and are most awaited.

Windows Skype team too has been very innovative and has given features to enhance user experience. To enjoy these new features, you need to check official updates. Then only you will be able to enjoy the new features.

There have been marvelous new features that have been introduced in newer version of different OS, which are set to make you fall in love with them

Skype new updates include:

Spell check: Spell check and auto corrector was introduced in skype for people who need assistance for word corrections.

Free group Video Calling: Now you can show your whole gang a funny picture or explain your collegues new concept that too while sitting there on your desktop.

Redesigned Chat experience:  Introducing an easier way to chat, message and video calls side by side, and free group video conversations with super-sized emoticons.

Sharing files and photos from old folder: Sharing files and photos now defaults to the last folder you shared from.

Support for Hindi: Who doesn’t love to share the feelings in the mother language?

Skype Translator: You can now translate the voice calls, video calls, IM’s.

URL preview: You can now preview the URL that your friend might have sent you. Now, You can see the preview of the web page directly in your Skype chat.

Group Video Messages: You can send your friends video messages and for this, they don’t need to be online to receive them. Also, they can see such messages next time when they log in to their skype account.

Bing Music, Bing Images, Bing News integrated with Skype: Yes, now you can see news, images, and listen to music on your Skype window itself. Click on the section in the left pane you wish to do some activity and then type keywords for your search and Skype will do the rest for you.



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