How to dress impact on interview success

How to dress impact on interview success

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While you appear for an interview for a job, knowledge is not the only factor that is considered while hiring. There are other numerous factors like your communication skills, your confidence level. However, with this factor, interviewer, within a fraction of seconds, assesses you without having you answer a single question. Well, we are talking about your dressing style for an interview.

When you enter into a cabin/room, the first impression that you make is through your dress. It can either make interviewer’s expectations or can break it. Well, nobody wants to miss any job opportunity. Your appearance affects the hiring decisions. Hiring managers want to visualize you in that position they are trying to fill.

When we talk about dressing appropriately probably it doesn’t mean that you need to wear a suit and tie, but that also doesn’t mean you should dress casually, either. Ok. We will give you some tips which will help you in dressing up well for interview:

1)    Wear whatever you are comfortable with: Make sure that whatever you wear, you should feel comfortable. If probably won’t give out your best if you are not wearing comfortable outfit. Don’t wear too skinny or too loose dress. Remember, the best outfit is whatever makes you feel the best.

2)    Do not wear too shiny clothes: You are going to appear for an interview and not showing up for a DJ party. Wear plain formal clothes.

3)    Give some importance to shoes: Wear polished shoes for such an important occasion. They are must since you just can’t miss a chance for a new job.

Remember, these points will only add value to your profile. Actual selection still revolves around how much well prepared are you with domain specific knowledge. Prepare well and don’t forget to read about the company.

With all these parameters, we can assure that you won’t let success go to some other person’s hand.



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