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With the amount of work and a passion to earn more money, everybody is loaded with stress and anxiety. Being happy looks like a distant dream these days. Looking at the times 40 years back, playing sports, exchanging sweets, getting together were the causes of happiness. But this definition seems to have changed. Now people want to attain peace and happiness and are willing to pay for it as well through programs like art of living. The causes of happiness these days are getting an iPhone, Shopping etc. So, how to attain happiness today in spite of all the tensions and competition. We analyzed few things and came out with some pointers for you below:

Start your day with a smile: Whenever you are getting ready for job, stand in front of the mirror and smile for a second. This for sure, will a beautiful start for your day.

Don’t compete with others, compete with yourself: If you try to compete with others, you may be successful or you may not be successful. Instead compete with yourself. Always try to give your best so that you don’t have to regret later on in your life.

Reduce your anger, be patient enough: You were trying real hard to attain some peace and something bad happened and your anger let you down. This happens frequently. Control your anger and emotions and be patient. Things will happen but can take some time.

Eat Healthy Food: Happiness comes through happy stomach. You might feel happy by eating junk/ unhealthy food but they are not good for health in long run. Unhealthy food will for sure make you feel sick which will again let you down. Also, never skip your meals.

Dream big and achieve with short targets: No one has stopped you from thinking Big, but you can only achieve them if you are dividing that into small portions. When you achieve those small dreams, happiness will for sure come and you will naturally gain confidence to achieve more.

Try new things e.g. Learn Cooking, Playing Guitar etc. Do whatever makes you happy and leave whatever makes you sad. It is as simple as that.



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