How to be a super keeper of your organization

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A superior workplace is like a dream land and origination’s are definitely trying to build this dreamland by adopting people driven approach. Therefore new approaches like Peoples Management, Knowledge management and talent management are emerging. Each niche approach looks at constant solutions to make the work environment an extra ordinary affair. Now a good working atmosphere comes only through people working in the organization. Hence the talent management approach has come in to existence that actually values and gauges the talent of the individuals working in the organization and constantly strives to develop this talent and competency levels further. Talent management methodology believes in building a creed. Yes creed is like a following a faith. It’s no more just a vision mission affair, it’s about organizational credo.

The effort to build a creed in the organization has given birth to super keepers. Just like the goal keepers play a crucial part in winning of the game similarly the super keepers play a vital role in achieving the organizational goal and maintaining the benchmark that has been set. High performing organizations therefore concentrate heavily on three aspects:

  1. To uphold the super keepers at the workplace
  2. Maintain key position support
  3. Aptly allot TREADs ( training, rewards, education, assignments and development)

Let me take you through why and How to be a super keeper of your organization

Who are Super keepers?

According the statistics super keepers is a very small group of people in any organization. The percentage of super keepers may be as low as 3 % and as high as 5 % only. About super keepers Bill Gates once said that if you take away my twenty best people my company Microsoft will be an unimportant company. Super keepers are the most superior quality employees; an organization can have who have demonstrated their superior performances over and over again.

Being a super keeper in your origination is like being Tendulkar in Indian Cricket team. Though it’s not an impossible task, it definitely is hard. Super keepers are the type of employees who understand the creed of the organization and align their goals according to the company’s creed or vision. The company after one point becomes incomplete without them.

How companies identify the super keepers and appraise them:

Companies have various performance evaluation methods and other HR tools to gauge and keep a track on the performances of the employees. If you are stuck doing routine works every day, don’t get too comfortable with this, because this could also be a signal that you are not a very useful. Therefore always strive forward to make your point, be noticeable and contribute significantly towards organization’s goals.

Companies also take up the above mentioned method called TREADs to keep developing potential super keepers. Company makes a valuable investment in training, rewards, education, assignments and development activities for the employees. The training intensity and design in various levels is assessed by the management based on the value of the employees. For example for super keepers the training can be a niche program but the total % of training intensity may be around 5%, whereas for keepers and just the average performers, the training intensity will be packaged between 20 to 75 %.



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