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The young generation is extremely career conscious. They think a lot about career options, decisions and subsequent development. And make no mistake, they are ready to anything which can boost up their career. One of them being greeting people. Though, it doesn’t seem to be creating huge impact, but it does. We all want to be noticed.

It helps you in doing below things:

1)      Start a conversation with stranger: You wish to start a conversation with a stranger. Greeting him can solve this purpose alone. You two can start conversing with each other. There might be a possibility that he can help you in shaping up your skills or doing something which you were trying to do from last few days and it wasn’t just happening.

2)      Creating a social network: There is a possibility that you meet few new people every day and build up your network. It is likely that people will be willing to help you out if you have created a long lasting impression on them.

3)      Setting up a good mood: Even when your manager is in worst mood, when you greet him with a genuine smile and sincerity, most probably he will acknowledge the greeting and respond appropriately.

4)      Helps in setting up positive conversations: Greeting helps you to connect with people more personally. Especially when you are talking with strangers, greeting someone is important if you don’t want to get a negative response.

While greeting, make sure you are:

1)      Doing a firm Handshake: A firm handshakes promotes confidence while a too limp or too strong handshake can give off wrong impression on other person.

2)      Greeting with a smile: When you meet and greet people, make sure you greet them with a smile. This will set their mood as well and will be happier to meet you when they see you next time.

3)      Maintaining proper posture: While greeting, maintaining good posture is equally important. Even, eye contact is also important when you greet a person.

Greeting is just a simple gesture that can have a huge impact and pays off immediately.



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