Holding out for the dream job.

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With population explosion that we are now facing, with news bulletin reading how PHD holders have applied for the position of a peon. Holding out for the perfect job isn’t always a great idea. The education standard demanded by the society is sky rocketing and as a result more degree holders are churned out. So, at this point holding out for high pay or your preferred field is a privilege not all can afford. So don’t hold out! Jobs can always be changed!

Our parents lived in simpler times, some 25 years ago you could get a job at a bank as a Clark just on passing twelfth standard, today they ask for graduates with 60% marks to pass the bank exam. Our parents for that reason can have a slightly outdated view when it comes to jobs. So, they have a way of saying, ‘I did not put you through a particular field of education so you could work in a different field entirely’. Don’t listen to them. Indeed, they’ve a way of saying ‘I didn’t pay so much so you could earn so less’. Do not listen to them. They mean no harm and they’re right, you deserve to be paid fairly and work in a field of your choosing. But here’s the thing, it’s just not the way of the world.

The sooner you start to earn the faster you can make that dream salary, so work the first decent employment you get! If you’re young, still in college and reading this, good! You’ve no need to be paid yet, because no one expects that of you and that’s an advantage. Work for the simple reason of gaining contacts and references, obviously you can only look at part time, obviously you can only apply at a very drone level. But you understand what a working environment is like, what pressures are like and how to deal with them, you understand professionalism and you gain confidence and contacts. You have no idea how important those things are! You have no idea how many times I’ve looked at the ad for my dream job and not been able to apply because they required min 6 month or a year experience in the field. Just take it from me your first maybe even your third job will be crap and low paying! No one wants to bet on a cannon they’ve no proof will fire! And if it does then in the right direction. The company can train you for the work you’re to do or they’ll expect your college to have trained you. But it’s the references that tell them if you’re a hard worker or a smart worker if you’re good with people and pressure. Even when no experience is needed, it will still be appreciated. Sure, you’ll be asked a question in the interview like, what did you learn at your previous job that’ll help you in this one. And, no matter how different the jobs are, you’ll still be bringing a few things to the table. The ability to be responsible in a situation, the ability to interact and gel with the people you’re working with and the fact that you now understand deadlines like never before.

You need to explain to your parents the pros and cons or tune them out. Reading this blog do not think that, hey I’ll blog if all else fails! Because my dear sweet friend blogging too can fail and for god knows how many people it has. I won’t say don’t blog, do! But don’t let it be your primary source of income at least till it’s taken off and demands the kind of attention a girlfriend does



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