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Group discussion is basically a discussion where a group of people typically 8-10 are assigned a topic on which the group needs to discuss. Each person expresses his viewpoint on the topic in a logical manner and in the end; members of the group come to a fair conclusion.

The motive behind a group discussion is to check how a person can perform in a team where everyone has different ideas and at the same time, portrays individual personalities.

Who conducts Group discussions?

Group discussions are often carried out by various companies and also by certain colleges typically B-Schools. Although it is not a mandatory process, but most of the time it is used to eliminate candidates going from going to next rounds.

What is the process followed for a group discussion?

A group is divided into a team of 8-12 people and is given a topic on which they need to speak for at least 2 minutes and max 3 minutes. This time, period varies from company to company and college to college. Once the topic is given, 1 minute is usually given for the participants to prepare themselves for the discussion.

Once the selection committee gives a nod, GD is started and every person in the group expresses his opinion on the topic given. The participants can also offer counter arguments.

Tips for a group discussion:

  • Be a good listener: Listen to each and everything that is being said in the room.
  • Respect everyone’s thoughts: Do not get offensive if another person has a different opinion from that of yours.
  • Structure your thoughts well
  • Train your mind to think analytically.
  • Arrive at a logical conclusion

Once the discussion is nearing its end, a proper conclusion has to me made on which every other candidate is satisfied. This will indicate your analytical skills and also the way you structure your thoughts.



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