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Going to join a job , hang on Have you done with your homework ?

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Always do your homework

Caught in a wrong job! The famous HARI SADU commercial says it all. This statement speaks a volume when it comes to not being in to a job of your choice, and most of the fresher’s end up doing this mistake of getting in to a job that’s not meant for them. The problem is that the job aspirants are in hurry to take up the jobs for variety of reasons without analysing too much about the repercussion of not being in a right job. The first and foremost reason being financial requirements for sure. But as a result they are unable to sustain the stress of either the work culture or the job profile itself.

Well no job is easy, so the stress may appear but it fades when you start enjoying your role. Most of the time people try to pass the blame to the organization and the HR policies. But what has to be understood is that how much as candidate did you do your homework in terms of understanding the job profile and the companies work culture before joining the organization. Well here again everyone cannot get into their dream companies easily but at least if a ground work is done about the company its working style then it becomes easy to adapt yourself.

What are modern companies doing to recruit?

Just to name a few companies like Goggle, Facebook, Boston Consulting Group, IKEA etc. are some of the best companies amongst couple of more companies which promise a high quality in terms of their work culture and HR policies. But these companies’ hiring campaigns are also not easy to crack. For example Facebook’s one of the innovative HR strategies is ‘Hackathon College Recruiting’ amongst some other recruiting schemes. Under this scheme each year the company visits dozen or more college campuses and assigns the candidates or the teams some technical trouble shooting tasks that they have to crack. The qualifiers are then brought to the FB headquarters for “Camp Hackathon. Here the solutions are judged and then the winners are announced and are awarded. The company also supports these candidates or teams by providing them intern ships or entrepreneurial opportunities. Similarly Flipkart too has a very exclusive style of recruiting people. Flipkart uses a unique format where company partners with Linked- in and Mtv etc. according to their recruiting model and runs a hackathon campaign with the help of series of job relevant exercises for candidates.

What should be your ground work?

When best companies around you are rigorously devising unique ways to recruit best pool of people, isn’t it mandatory for the aspirants too to do their homework rigorously? The job seekers must make sure that before applying for the job they visit the website of the company, read though roughly about the firm, and understand the history of the company, the work culture, the hiring pattern and schemes, HR policies, key position holders in the company. An extra effort to know details like client base of the company, stakeholders, distributors etc. can also be ascertained.



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