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What to choose after higher school graduation is an important question youth always seek an answer to.  Most of the aspirations in India are driven by parents instead of students themselves. Most of the people end up either opting for engineering or business education and many times end up regretting their decision.

We will try to help you out today what to choose among the two so that you don’t have to regret later on in your life

1)    Engineering: This is the most loved job by the parents. I will not say that youth doesn’t love to become an engineer. Most of the engineers become engineers either because their parents want them to be or their friend asked him to pursue. Engineers earned a high salary in the early years but it has become stagnant now.

Advice: If you are a technology loving person and loves to make out your imaginations, engineering is the profession for you. But you need to work hard if you don’t want to end up unemployed. Try to get good marks in the entrance exam so that you can get a good college which can help you in fulfilling your dreams.

2)    Business Management: Management is the kind of profession where everyone will land up some day or the other. You will get a chance in your life where you have to manage a small or bigger team. The bottom line is, the salary offered to a management graduate who passes out from an average B-school is really less. Although there is no scarcity of jobs for an MBA, the companies are quite reluctant to give away handsome salary unless you graduated from top management college like an IIM or IIT.

Advice: If you really wish to get into a management job, score more in exams like CAT, SNAP, XAT and get into top 30 management schools. You will for sure, get a salary which you can be proud of someday.

3)    Engineering +MBA: This is probably the best option one can opt for. Get some experience in the technical field so that you get an idea how the industry works. After getting an experience of 3-4 years, appear for an exam which helps you in making out to a good B-School. There are chances of getting a better salary if you compare it with Engineering alone or MBA alone.

Advice: If you want a better profile, better career growth, and better package and you are willing to transform career from technical jobs to managerial, then this option belongs to you.



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