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It has been an established fact that men earn more than women but not for the same work. Though, efforts have been made to bring women’s wages more in line with men’s in the past several decades even when both men and women took similar education.

Men always think of ways of earning more and more money while women prefer living better lives. Men are never hesitant to take work of any kind be it an assignment which is hazardous in nature. Men even don’t hesitate in turning to another location if work demands. While if you compare women doing such work, they will mostly simply say no. This is because; women really need a balance between their work and personal life. When it comes to working, women generally think on various aspects such as safety, close proximity to home etc. Due to this difference of obtaining work, men earn more than women.

However, if a scenario is taken where women and men are working in the same field or area of interest, women beat men straight away. Even when they have to handle children, their home, women outclass men in terms of wages.

The areas where men dominate women in terms of wages are mostly the areas which are dominated by women. There are a number of fields that are mostly dominated by women. These fields include Nursing, Human resources, teaching. These areas typically don’t offer salary which can reduce the gender pay gap. With this, you can consider women tend to take the job which can offer them more time and flexibility in which they can take care of the family and can work as well.

How can the wage gap be minimized so that women can earn what men earn?

Companies need to conduct audits for the salaries about kind of wages they are giving away to their employees based on gender. It is good for their business and will help the society as well.

Women should also learn how to negotiate and take away equal salary what is being offered to the person of opposite gender.

Help women to advance in the society. Give them the confidence that they can overcome men in any genre.



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