Career in fashion designing

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Fashion designing is a booming field since we are obsessed with beauty and making an impression. The master’s degree in fashion designing covers the following subjects.

  • Fashion
  • Knitwear
  • Art and design
  • Textiles
  • Graphic design
  • Fashion marketing and buying
  • Clothing technology

This degree will open doors for you, if you have it then it will be much easier to make your way into the fashion world. If you don’t have it, you can still get in but it will be tough. If you have a creative mind and a vivid imagination, then you don’t really need a degree to be able to design. But getting the exposure you need will be tough. You need to create a portfolio, the fashion business is all about the visual, so take a pencil and draw, or use drawing software to create the designs. These portfolios are to be sent to top fashion industries and you pray that someone will see them, like them and offer you an internship. Show your portfolios to boutique owners that way you know how well your design will be received before you send it on, maybe even fashion bloggers, this way you get a second perspective on the design, and a chance to better it before sending. But remember they will have a lot of portfolios so there’s a chance you don’t get seen. Hence you need contacts, modeling would be a great way to make those contacts, you get to know designers and then show off your design. Fashion photography, writing for a fashion magazine, anything that gives you the opportunity to chat up established designers. The internship is where you learn what fashion designing and fashion industry are really like, the competition and the trends.

If there are any fashion designing competitions, enter them, even if they are online any exposure you get is good. Learn sewing it will seriously help you imagine your designs besides you can work as a seamstress at a fashion house and that way get your contacts. A degree or course in textiles will also look good on your resume.

Then there is always the entrepreneurship route, start your own brand, it will take time and will be hard, here again a degree in fashion designing can be of help, basically take to Facebook and blogs, put out the word that you would love to design a custom dress for whoever wants one. Tap your friends and relatives and get to work. Coco Chanel one, the founder of one of the most famous and prestigious brands, Chanel, started off with hats, just hats. It began as a hobby, she sold those hats in her social circle and over time she managed to create the fashion giant Chanel now is.

Career in fashion designing



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