The best dressing hack for day to day life

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When you talk about models and supermodels, many of them doesn’t have a great face, but it is the way they carry themselves and that is why they are called superstars. Following few basic things about the way you dress up can change the way people look at you. We will look at how few basic hacks which can help you look better and stand apart from the rest.

  1. Pick the collar that suits you: ‘N’ numbers of collar types are available in the market. These include semi –spread collar, spread collar, Chinese collar, and narrow colour. You need to buy a shirt with a particular collar according to your face and the type of occasion you are going for.
  2. Dress according to your height: It is always good to wear cloth according to the body type you have to ensure the comfort and also to add grace to your personality. If you are tall, you may look good in everything that you wear. However, if you are thin, do not wear clothes that are skinny.
  3. Match the colour of your belt and shoes: Whether you are going for a meeting in a suit or are going on a date with someone special, this dressing hack been trusted over the years.
  4.  Learn the correct ways of folding your sleeves: Many people in a hurry try to fold their sleeves and make a mess with wrinkles on their shirt.
  5. Pick the best colours to suit your personality: If you are good at knowing what colour suits you the best, the nothing can be better. Else, always go for shopping with someone who has good dressing knowledge and can help you in getting the best combination.
  6. Buy Quality clothes: When you invest money in clothes, you expect some return. This return might be in the form of a perfect fit or lasting long or both. By buying something of good quality, you are also getting better fit along with other benefits.
  7. Getting right pair of shoes: Shoes are one the most important things that make/break your personality. Not wearing the right kind of shoes can sink your smart outfit.
  8. Right hair style: Your hairstyle can make you look like the kind of person you want to be. Make sure you shampoo your hairs on regular basis. Also get the right kind of hairstyle which suits your look.



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