A career as a chemical engineer

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Chemical engineering is one of the most top rated engineering jobs in the market today. And with good reason. Chemical engineers deal with particles a millionth the size of the tooth of an ant in quantities bigger than elephants.

But today I’ll just be small and start with a basic introduction on chemical engineers and their job aspects in that particular field.

What is Chemical engineering?

Chemical engineering is the only branch which comprises of the disciplinary subjects of other engineering branch.

It concerns with the design and operation of industrial chemical plants.

Nowadays, almost everything right from a dye to polymers, can me manufactured with ease with the help of a proper technical team, which comprises of at least one chemical engineer.

What does a Chemical engineer deal with?

When a person says he’s a chemical engineer, it surely does not mean that he is studying about the mechanism of different chemical reactions, which is the work of a chemist.

It means, he is studying about the chemical process involved in industry or a chemical plant. He is studying about the process equipment designs for various equipments from designing a small hex-nut to a large reactor. Well the possibilities are endless.

A chemical engineer is well versed in reading and comprehending various data such as, the physical properties (Specific gravity, Latent heat of vaporization, Thermal conductivity etc) of various chemicals, humidity charts, Mollier diagrams, humidity charts steam tables etc.

How to be a super-duper Chemical engineer?

To be a super-duper chemical engineer, one must be excellent in the field of mathematics as well as chemistry.

A good chemical engineer must also know how to use technology to his own advantage. For example, if you wanted to know the specification of designing a particular reactor, you must be able to reproduce a software which takes care of all the calculation, so that you do not waste time and you can exploit it without anybody caring about the accuracy, as the we know, the computer is always right.

You must always carry a Perry’s handbook or any other material like it, as all the data, graphs and charts are available in this particular handbook.

Why become a Chemical engineer?

Chemical engineering is not that easy to study and chemical engineers do not get a good pay in the industry.

This is a common taboo, which is partly true. The only reason that you do not get to keep that money is that you aren’t smart enough to understand what chemical engineering is exactly. You haven’t unlocked your own potential and you lack confidence.

Just break that taboo, start thinking outside the box, and one day you will have achieved a ‘Eureka’ moment for sure.

As a chemical engineer, you can manufacture almost anything in the world, provided you have the right knowledge. You can be a global exporter of raw materials in the form of chemicals. Or be a process supervisor for a multi-national company.

Like I said, the possibilities are endless.



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