5 things you can do after graduation other then MBA

5 things you can do after graduation other then MBA

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Graduation makes you ready for the professional life in your career. Once you complete graduation, you are expected to have knowledge which can kick start your professional life.

Not every one of us is lucky enough to get a job after graduation. Also, many people discover their area of interest after graduation. This is why people go for post-graduation. Once you have decided to go for post-graduation, think of the possible options according to your area of interest and also the job opportunity that each education carries for a bright future.

We, in this article, will guide you about all the possible opportunities for a post-graduation apart from management which is value for money.

  1. Chartered accountant: Well, chartered accountant job is still one of the best-paid jobs in the country. You can only go for this course if you have completed your bachelor’s from commerce stream. Before you appear for this course exam, you must understand what kind of job you will be entering. Salary of a chartered accountant usually starts from INR 45000/month.
  2. Masters in technology (M.Tech): People usually go for M.Tech when they have an interest in teaching job that too in a technical engineering institute. Teaching is a passion for many people and is considered to be a prestigious profession. Someone who has done M.Tech earns salary starting from 30000/month or more according to the experience they possess. Please note that this profession is only for those people who have completed graduation in engineering.
  3. Indian administration services (IAS)/ Indian revenue services (IRS): One of the most loved jobs in this country, UPSC exams are always dream for many. For appearing for this lucrative job, a person should have a bachelor degree and maximum age of 32 years.
  4. Jobs in the banking sector: It doesn’t matter from which domain you have completed your graduation if you wish to go for the most hyped job sector of the present day which is banking and Finance sector. Once you complete your graduation, you can appear for banking exams held by all public and private banks. The salary offered to these professionals range from INR 25000/month to INR 150000/month.
  5. Masters in civil aviation technology: Many people in India dream about becoming a pilot. But due to limited opportunities earlier, not many people were attracted towards courses in civil aviation. Now, with increasing markets, this is one of the best areas for doing post-graduation. People who go for this course earn a salary which starts from INR 200000/month.



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