5 motivational movies everyone must watch

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Movies have been a source of entertainment for decades. On one hand, there are movies which are of fictions genre and are seen as a pure source of entertainment while few movies provide value for money with the motivational story they carry for 120 odd minutes. For the people who are down and out and need motivation can definitely give a shot and watch these movies. We are listing 5 of the best movies which can inspire human being of every age.

  1. The Shawshank redemption: Based on the story of 2 people who were jailed for different reasons, The Shawshank Redemption is without a doubt the best motivational movie of all time. Released in 1994, the movie makes everyone remember to keep hope no matter what the situation is. The film also headlines how perseverance and persistence are keys to success. Many people start thinking about shitty things when they are short of confidence, so movie encourages people to keep your mind occupied when things are not fine around you.
  2. 3 Idiots: When Hollywood can make so many inspirational movies, why Bollywood should stay behind. Rated 8.4 on iMDB, the dialogues in the movie give us the inspiration to choose a career in life which we like and not what others tell you. The movie also tells of having some belief in ourselves since the best inspiration comes from inside us and also talks about chasing excellence.
  3. Rocky: Based on the story of a boxer, the movie reminds each and every one of our life. Each person when starts the journey goes through a cycle where he starts well and loses his way in between, goes through the misery and struggles, learns from the mistakes and achieve the success by converting the opportunities which he gets.
  4. The Pursuit of Happiness: This movie reminds you that it is never too late to achieve your dreams. The positive attitude is the key and you will win one day and it doesn’t matter how pathetic your current situation is. People will always tell you something that you can’t do. If you want something badly, go for it always.
  5. Good Will Hunting: Released in the year 1997, the movie tells everyone that even classroom teaching can be beneficial if you are willing to learn from everything and everywhere around you. The movie also tells us not to think much about what people think about us.

You are missing a lot if you have not seen these movies.



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