25 qualities of Donald trumph

25 Qualities you can learn from Donald Trump

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Some people love him, some hate him, but you just can’t ignore him. Yes that’s Donald Trump for you. But he has some qualities that have made what he is today.

  • He has vast self-confidence which almost all great U.S Presidents had at least in recent history.
  • He is a strong personality. He can silence any dissenting voices.
  • He has burning desire to achieve great goals.
  • He is one of the 400 wealthiest personalities of the world. No wonder he knows how to earn huge money.
  • He is good in architecture. He used attractive architectural design to win public recognition.
  • He is great business man. At the age of 32, he got his first major deal of $1 million for building the Grand Hyatt Hotel.
  • He is a marketing genius. The Trump Towers when completed became a tourist attraction due to his great marketing techniques.
  • His Speech is really easy to understand. He uses words which masses can understand easily.
  • He uses Impactful words in his speeches.
  • He knows how to grab attention of the people. If you learn this art, you can do wonders in selling your thoughts to other people.
  • He speaks his mind out. He says whatever comes to his mind. Let it be positive or negative.
  • His persistence is worth the praise. He sticks to his ideas and never gives up.
  • His has good management skills. He knows how to manage Manpower & Money.
  • He is the leading entrepreneur of USA. Nobody is even close to him.
  • He always thinks of making small things big. He knows how to change the trend.
  • He has great Passion and energy to make the things happen.
  • He never ignores anything. Whether it is small or big. He has learnt from his failures.
  • He knows how to make everything under his budget.
  • He doesn’t depend too much on others for his work.
  • He takes but he is a tough Captain too. He is strong and fit.
  • His business has undergone a lot of problems; he’s still managed to keep it going.
  • He possesses unconventional businesses practices.
  • He takes very smart business decisions.
  • Trump is very much a problem solver.
  • He has an open door policy. If any of his employees has an idea, they can always talk to him about it




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